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    Are you trying to:

    • Get a fundraiser up and going in a very short time – like maybe today?
    • Raise funds for a cause but need help in reaching more donors?
    • Do Fundraising without tying up all your volunteering resources?
    • Utilize Social Media and Networks to promote your cause and campaign?
    • Leverage corporate matching and add 25% more funds to your campaign?
    • Process Credit Cards but getting lost in the paperwork jungle?

    Sounds too familiar? - Read on - we have some good news for you.

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    Do It in 5 Minutes

    Sign up on Cloud501. Within 5 minutes you are ready to start accepting funds for your own fundraising campaign.

    Just click and go!

    We have taken our collective expertise from many campaigns and created the site just for you. Tap into the power of on-line fundraising, and move your cause into the 21st century.

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    Donor Interface

    • Powerful but simple system to create your unique pages
    • Several Layouts to get you started
    • Flexible field names
    • Each field can be marked as required vs optional
    • Full CSS Support - match your existing look and feel
    • Ability to collect statistical data from Donors
    • Pages fully hosted - no need for an existing site
    • Integrated Support Chat - instant help for donors that needs it
    • Easy to integrate with existing sites
    • Auto-subscribe Donors to your various mailing lists
    • Flash or Javascript charts
    • Full support for Mobile platforms
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    Leverage the power of Social Media

    Cloud501 integrates directly with the most powerful of the Social Media Networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

    Once a donation has been completed, the donor can post back to several social networks at once that they just donated to your fundraiser.

    Help them spread the word about your campaign and make them feel good at the same time.

    Cloud501 also comes integrated with a mass email service. In addition to social media postings your donors can just paste in the email address of their friends and easily email a personal endorsement for your campaign.

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    Accept a variety of payment methods

    Do you have a merchant account? Has your organization been approved to accept credit cards? Do you have somebody to process checks and deposits? What about payment subscriptions?

    Cloud501 has taken all of the hassle of accepting payments online and wrapped it into our services. By signing up you can instantly process payments through Check, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Google Checkout and Amazon Payment Services and even set up payment subscriptions as well.

    Cloud501 is fully integrated with each of the electronic payment methods. Once payment is made it will automatically appear directly in your campaign. Donors will receive confirmation emails right away and their contribution will be visible within seconds on the Honor Roll and your fundraising Campaign Charts.

    We can even offer processing of your checks. Just sign-up for our e-processing and let us manage your checks at our service center

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    Build a community

    Community is probably the most crucial component to get right in a fundraising campaign.
    Cloud501 comes with a lot of powerful features that enables you to become the hub of your community and empower as many people as possible. Leverage our on-line contact manager to automatically collect information from prospects and have them sign up for a variety of email groups that helps you organize your efforts.

    Create rich email messages in the online editor, or copy them directly from Word. Send messages by email or by Text/SMS to all your members of the groups without being spam listed and getting blocked by the various SPAM prevention services.

    Cloud501 provides a legitimate mass email service that enables you to send rich email to each of your donors or groups of donors. And even better, we provide you with the statistics on how the email was accepted by the community. No more guess work. Just look at the charts and read the reports. You will now know all the details of the mailing.

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    The Power of Knowledge

    Charts and reports show down to the second the progress of your Fundraising Campaign. No need to manually pull complicated reports out of Quickbooks and other antiquated financial software.

    Cloud501 sites are always up-to-date and available on the web for the Donors, You, Your Board, and Your Community etc. when they feel they need them. No need to waste volunteer efforts on updating statistics, and trying to keep the website up to date.

    Our statistics help you understand how fast your campaign is growing and provides attributes about your donors to help you understand why. Now your Volunteers can spend their efforts on promoting your cause effectively, and they can base their efforts on the most recent and up to date data from the Donors.

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    We helped Their Future Is Now in Cupertino Union School District raise $2.5 million in just 8 weeks

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    For the amazing 2010 Spring Cupertino Fundraising Campaign “Their Future is Now”, a key critical component that made it at all possible to collect about $2.5Million dollars from over 5,000 donors in about 8 weeks was the real-time software donation system from Cloud501.  The campaign Website was able to display real time graphs showing the status of the campaign (e.g. total amount donated, number of donors, number of donors who donated at certain amounts, and current and potential corporate match donations).  People could donate via credit card or check filling in the information required.

    Being able to watch the donation status minute-by-minute as the amount approaches the goal and milestone thresholds, helped to propel the forward momentum of the campaign. It also provided transparency, as people could see as donations were being added. They could decide when they wanted to join in and make a donation!

    From a campaign planning perspective, the donation tool allowed campaign leaders to review donation levels by school and compare donation penetration statistics, which allowed us to focus our efforts and utilize our resources optimally.

    Linda Sell, Steering Committee member of Their Future Is Now

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    Customize to your needs

    Once you have signed up with Cloud501 you have a dedicated website for your fundraising activities. The site is 'out there' and ready to greet Donors and accept payments. No need to worry about all the operational aspects of running such a site.

    Through the Cloud501 Fundraising system you can customize your donation pages to suit your purpose.

    If you need additional information from your donors you can easily add additional data components, and/or configure our ready to go elements to suit your special needs.

    Once you start collecting information, you can easily manipulate data on our site, or download it for viewing in Excel or Numbers.

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    No Download & Install – Just Click and Go

    Cloud501 offers its products based on a Software As A Service model.

    For you this means that there is nothing to download, install and no updates to apply.

    Your software is always up to date, and you always have the most recent features. No need to worry about Mac vs PC and Unix compatibility.

    All your data is maintained and backed-up automatically for you.
    You can work anywhere you like - as long as there is an internet connection.

    We leverage's gigantic infrastructure. Through their worldwide datacenters we can accommodate any campaign that you might want to send our way.

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    Administration Interface

    • Administration tool where you have access to all donation and donor data
    • Donor Information
    • Donation amounts, payment methods
    • Financial data
    • Campaign Performance
    • Statistics, charts, honor rolls, reports
    • Corporate Match management interface
    • Interface allowing you to customize your external fundraising pages
    • Email and Text Messaging interface to communicate with your donors
    • Automated messages that you can customize, update, change at any time to fit your needs
    • Export options to download data
    • Interface to Quickbooks
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    Why you should consider Cloud501

    • Set up a fully functional Fundraising Campaign within the next hour
    • Donations collected via: Check, Credit Cards, Cash, Cebit Cards, Paypal, Google Pay
    • Corporate Matching processing adding up to 25% more funds to your campaign with no cost to your organization
    • Leverage Social Media to promote your cause and campaign
    • Communicating with donors and contacts via integrated email and text messages interface
    • Automatic messages to donors confirming donations, corporate match and Tax donation letters
    • Build a community around your fundraising efforts as you have Real time graphs and charts to promote your fundraising campaign to your current and potential donor base
    • Customize your donation pages to your special needs. Want Honor Rolls, graphs, info about your donors? It is all possible
    • Fundraising platform is ready to go. You don’t need to host, download or install anything.
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